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"Old Hickory Sheds is The Premier Builder of Portable Buildings, Sheds, Barns, Cabins and Storage"

Old hickory Buildings and Sheds are manufactured in Spanaway and Puyallup Washington and are delivered to Alaska Marine Lines in Seattle without any charge.


You can order an Old Hickory Shed, Lofted Barn, Cabin, Tiny Room or Garage and it's really easy ... all online Just us with your name and the final delivery location and we'll email you and 8-page color eBrochure with the styles, sizes and options


For the pricing and Shipping Costs of Old Hickory Sheds please email your name

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Paint Options

Siding Options

Color Options

Other Options




Exterior Door




Nine Lite Door




Shutter Trim




Transom Window




Over Head Lofts

$20.00 per foot

 Old Hickory Lofted Barn and Utility Shed Options

 Workbench With Shelf $12.00 per foot

Utility Storage Loft $20.00 per foot



    Double Barn Doors $160.00


Roll-Up Garage Door $685.00


    Single Barn Door $80.00


Three Tier Shelving $12 per foot 


Workbench with Shelf

Package Options
Playhouse Package  $925.00
Rent To Own adds $38.54 per month
Side Porch Package  $1,045.00
Rent To Own adds $43.54 per month
Deluxe Porch Package  $1,495.00
Rent To Own adds $62.29 per month
Garage Package  $1,045.00
Rent To Own adds $43.54 per month

Siding Options

 5/8" T1-11 Pressure Treated Pine (standard) 
 1/2" T1-11 Douglas Fir (not available in all areas) 
 3/8" LP Smart Panel  Paint or Urethane (standard)
 1/2" Duratemp Paint (5% not available in all areas)
 LP Dutch Lap  Paint or Urethane  (15% additional) 
Other Options
 Painted Trim  (second color) $50.00
 Urethane Stain Color  (5% of base price)
 Loft Window  (24"x27") $100.00
 Transom Window $75.00
 2x3 Single Pane Window $100.00
 3x3 Single Pane Window $115.00
 2x3 Double Pane Window $175.00
 Shutter Trim  (per window) $45.00
 House Style Door  (No Window) $345.00
 House Style Door 9 Lite Window $445.00
 Single Barn Door  (45" opening) $80.00
 Double Barn Doors  (68" opening) $160.00
 Garage Door  (9'x6'10" opening) $685.00
 3/4" Flooring  (per sq ft) $0.55
 2x6 Floor Joists (standard on 14)  $0.40
 12" On Center Floor Joists $0.40
 7' Walls (Lofted Barn 81' inside)  $125.00
 8' Walls (Utility 92" inside) $125.00
 16" On Center Studs & Trusses $0.70
 Non Standard Roof Color $55.00
 Snow Load 60 PSF  (per sq ft) $1.00
 Snow Load 140 PSF  (per sq ft) $2.50
 Shelves, Three Tier  (per foot) $12.00
 Workbench With Shelf  (per foot) $12.00
 Loft (per foot of depth) $20.00
 Extra Porch Posts $35.00
 Porch Railing  (per foot) $12.00
 Framed Holes  (for door or window) $40.00
 Vapor Barrier  (per sq ft) $1.25
 Tar Paper (under roofing per sq ft) $1.25
 Stamped Engineered Plans FREE 



2' X 3' Window $100.00




3' X 3' Window $115.00




Extra Railing $12 per foot




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"Old Hickory Sheds is the Premier Builder of Portable Buildings, Sheds, Barns, Cabins and Storage" 

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