With two factories in California, Old Hickory can easily deliver an Utility Shed, Lofted Barn, Barn, Cabin, Playhouse, Side Porch, Deluxe Porch or Garage directly to your NorCal or Central Cal Home or Business and it's really easy ... all online ... Just us with your name and the delivery address and we'll email you and 16-page color eBrochure with the styles, sizes, options and prices to Buy or Rent-To-Own and the cost to deliver if any.



For the pricing and delivery costs of Old Hickory Sheds please email your name and the delivery

address to info@hickorysheds.com or call 916-215-6115  7 days a week ... Thanks


  Old Hickory Siding Options

Standard Siding ~ No Additional Charge


T1-11 Plywood Pine  5/8" Pressure Treated ~ No Additional Charge

24 On Center Studs & Trusses, Doubled at siding seams

66% thicker siding easily spans 24 on center stud spacing, with doubled support

under seams to equal the same amount of wood as in 16 on center spacing

Tried and True Premium Grade Real Plywood Siding

66% Thicker than many competing siding products

Comes water sealed ~ "Honey Gold"





LP Smart Panel  3/8" T1-11 ~ Painted No Additional Charge (Urethane is extra)

16 On Center Studs / 24" OC Trusses, Doubled Top Plate

Cutting Edge Technology, engineered wood product that is Water Resistant

Zinc Borate Treated throughout to help resist fungal decay and termite damage

Available Coatings: Paint & Urethane ~ One Color Free







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