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Old Hickory Sheds Online Factory Direct

Old Hickory Sheds has 4 factories in Oregon, 5 in Washington, 1 in Idaho, 3 in California, 2 in Montana, 1 in Wyoming and 1 in South Dakota.  Old Hickory can easily deliver an Old Hickory Shed, Lofted Barn, Tiny Room, Studio Shed, Animal Shelter or Garage directly to your Home or Business and it's all online, quick, easy and safe ... from anywhere !!




For pricing and delivery costs for your area please email your name and the delivery address to

john@hickorysheds.com or pat@hickorysheds.com  or call anytime ... Thanks!

West Wash 206-755-4498  |  East Wash 509-723-5880  |  Oregon 503-991-8932  |  Montana 406-273-1331

Idaho 208-714-0396   Utah 801-865-2420  |  Cal 916-215-6115  |  Wyoming 307-257-6274  |  Dakotas 605-777-9143



Aluminum Shed Ramps ~ Order Online

Diamond plate Aluminum planks allow you to add a ramp to your building without having to change or modify it. The rail attaches to the front and supports the ramps. They can be easily removed or are secure from theft when left in place and the doors closed.



High Strength ~ Lightweight ~ Durable

4' & 5' length ~ Portable ~ 900 lbs per plank

Easy to Install ~ Free Delivery

10% Discount when Ordered Online

 * Discount Code is hickory1 *

Order Online ~ CLICK HERE


See how easy it is to install them ~ Ramp Installation Video


 1. Shed Ramps Make Storing Your Vehicles Much Easier

Shed ramps are perfect for storing any of your vehicles including riding lawn mowers, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, bicycles, wagons and boats on trailers. You can easily ride or push your wheeled vehicle right inside your shed to park it exactly where you want it without having to lift it up over the lip. Then when itís time to use it again, you can simply ride it out.


2. Shed Ramps Add Convenience and Versatility to Your Shed

For Push Lawnmowers: Shed ramps are very convenient, especially for putting your push lawn mower away and getting it out again. Shed ramps are adjustable to ensure that the deck of your lawn mower doesnít get caught on the edge of the floor when you are putting it away. Once you are finished with your ramps, you can drop the ramps down and close the double doors with ease.

For Wheel Barrows: If you like to garden, a shed ramp is great for taking your wheel barrow in and out of your shed.

For Storage: If you want a less permanent option, you can choose aluminum ramps. Unlike steel ramps, aluminum is a lightweight metal but it is also heavy duty. This means that it is strong enough to support even your heaviest vehicles yet it can easily be picked up and stored inside your building when you are not using it.

3. Shed Ramps Make Your Building More Accessible

For Wheelchairs & Walkers: If you are using your portable building as extra accommodation for overnight guests or as a granny flat, you may want to invest in a shed ramp. Shed ramps will make your shed more accessible if your guests are elderly or use a wheelchair or walker.

For Animals: If you use your shed as a place to house your pets or hobby farm animals, a shed ramp is a great idea. Animals can navigate a ramp much easier than having to step up into a raised doorway.















So many great uses ...

Animals, Atv, Auto, Snow Blower, Bikes, Boat, Cub Cadet, Canam, Car, Chickens, Harley Davidson, Zero Clearance Mower, Dog, Farm Equipment, Firewood, Classic Car, Garage, Garden Supplies, Gator, Goat, Hay, Wheel Chair, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki Motorcycle, Kubota Tractor, Side by Side, Hot Rod, Lawn Mower, Polaris, Ranch Equipment, Razor, Riding Mower, Lawn Tractor, Skidoo, Snowmobile, Jet Ski, Suzuki, Toro Mower, Tractor, Trailer, Truck, Utv, 4 Wheeler, Yamaha, 4x4 ...

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