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With five factories in WA Old hickory can easily deliver an Old Hickory Shed, Lofted Barn, Tiny Room, Studio Shed, Garage or Animal Shelter directly to your Western Washington Home or Business and it's really easy ... all online





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Hickory Sheds Lofted Barn


Hickory Sheds Utility Shed

Tiny Room Cabin

Hickory Sheds Tiny Rooms

Studio Shed Hickory Sheds Studio Shed

Front Porch

Hickory Sheds Garage


Old Hickory Sheds & Building Lofted Playhouse



Hickory Sheds Garage

Animal Shelter

Hickory Sheds Animal Shelter



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Sizes ...

8x8 8x10  8x12

8x14 8x16  8x18


10x10 10x12 10x14  10x16 10x18 10x20 

10x22 10x24

12x12 12x14 12x16

12x18 12x20 12x22

12x24 12x26 12x28

12x30 12x32 12x34

12x36 12x38 12x40

14x14 14x16 14x18

14x20 14x22 14x24

14x26 14x28 14x30

14x32 14x34 14x36

14x38 14x40

16x16 16x20 16x22 16x24 16x28 16x30 16X32 16x36 16x40

12' 14' 16' wides are measured across eaves due to DOT regulations. All others are measured from the outside corners

Here's How They're Constructed:

Skids are 4"x6" not 4x4s and are notched and pressure treated.

Floor joists are 2x4s, pressure treated, 16" on center and set into notched skids to prevent twisting. 12" centers and 2x6 floor joists are available. 

Floor decking is 5/8" inch tongue & groove plywood flooring. 3/4" flooring is available.

Wall studs and Roof Trusses are 24", 16"

or 12" on center depending on the snow load rating you select.

30 year architectural shingles or 29 gauge metal roofs are the same price. There are a variety of different shingle and metal colors for you to choose from and we can match an existing color. 

All exterior trim is 1" solid cedar.

All sheds come with locks and keys.

Our highly skilled work force use Mennonite craftsmanship on every shed.

5 Year Fix It All Warranty: There is no need for a lot of details about the best warranty in the business. That's because we fix it all in the first five years (normal wear and tear excluded) free of charge. Any flaw or defect that is a result of materials or workmanship which occur during the first five years you own the shed will be repaired by us. That's right, we stand behind our product 100% and you won't find that anywhere else.

On all pressure treated wood, there is a lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay.

Three snow loads are available 30 PSF, 60 PSF and 140 PSF along with stamped engineered plans.

 The Old Hickory Utility Shed


The Utility Shed features a gable roof and it comes with  inside wall height of 6' 3" or 7' 8"

The 8 wide models have a single barn door while the larger models have double barn doors.

Available in Widths of 8', 10', 12', 14'  and 16'.

The Single Barn Doors are 36" or 48" wide and 70" tall (6' 3" walls) and 77" tall (7' 8" walls).

The Double Barn Door opening is 68" wide and 70" tall (6' 3" walls) and 77" tall (7' 8" walls).


Old Hickory Sheds 8x12 Utility

Old Hickory Sheds 8x12 Utility inside

Old Hickory Sheds 8x12 Utility side doors

  #31  8'x12' Utility 6'3" walls single barn door, opening is 45" wide and 68" tall       #32  8x12 Utility with side double doors


Old Hickory Sheds 10x16 Utility

 #33  This is a 10'x12' Utility Shed with 8' walls


Old Hickory Sheds 10x2o Utility inside

 #34   Inside a 10x20' Utility Shed floor is T&G plywood flooring


Old Hickory Sheds 10x20 Utility and Mr Gus

 #35  The view looking out a 10'x20'  (that's Mr Gus)


Old Hickory Sheds 10x16 Utility

 #36   This is a 10'x16' Utility Shed with 8' walls


Old Hickory Sheds 12x20 Utility

 #37  This is a 10'x12' Utility all have real T1-11 siding


Old Hickory Sheds 12x20 Side Utility

 #38  This is a 10'x20' Side Utility with 3'x3' windows


Old Hickory Sheds 12x20 Side Utility

 #39  Double door opening is 68" wide and 68" tall


Old Hickory Sheds 10x16 Side Utility

 #40  10'x16' Side Utility with 2'x3' windows


 Old Hickory Sheds 10x20 Side Utility

 #41  This is a 10'x20' Side Utility Shed with 3'x3' windows and green metal roof


Old Hickory Sheds 14x40 Utility

 #42  How about a 14'x40' dog kennel?





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